JM Raiche Law
      As of March 26th, 2010 JMRaiche Law and will no longer provide ticket defense services. If you received a flyer postmarked prior the said date, we will continue processing requests for service for a limited time. Follow the instruction below:


  1. Send the following information to:
    PO Box 1257, Tavernier, FL 33070
    • Name, Address and description of circumstances pertaining to ticket
    • Phone # and e-mail address
    • Copy of citation with $50 check or money order
  2. If after 3 days you do not recieve confirmation, please contact JMRaiche Law.
  3. All mailings must be recieved within 30 days of the ticket being issued. If you cannot mail the fee prior to the 30 day limit, call the number provided.
  4. Go to our links page to find where you can monitor the status of your case/ticket.


"It is the practice of JMRaiche Law, to never charge a non-legal fee or cost to a client without first contacting the client to discuss the necessity of such a non-legal fee or cost."